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Vancouver Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

How Search Engines Work

Search engines work by scouring the internet, indexing the website content of each site they crawl and ranking the websites based on complex algorithms utilizing the words and phrases included in the site. These word combinations are referred to as 'keywords' or 'key phrases'.

Search engines also sell listings, normally using an auction style system allowing competing sites to bid on their selected search phrases. Most often the client is charged each time a prospective client Clicks on their ad.

Increasing traffic to your website can be accomplished in two ways:

  • Cost Per Click Advertising - bidding on specific keywords
  • Organic Search Results - optimizing your website for the specific keywords
  • Organic Listing - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Optimizing your websites content to highlight selected keywords and phrases in order to have your website rank more highly in the Organic Search Rankings (the primary list of returned results in the center of the browser window) is referred to as Search Engine Optimization. The Organic Search Results are up to 6 times more likely to be clicked than the same ad placed through Cost Per Click Adverting because the searcher will consider these results less biased and the placement is more optimal.

    There are essentially 4 steps to an SEO plan:

    1. Prepare the website - Optimize the website code, link structure and setup tracking
    2. Make the Search Engines Aware - Complete a link Strategy
    3. Implement a Content Strategy - Frequently Changing content is key
    4. Track results
    5. Our tailored SEO package includes all of these elements.

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